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I took the course on Divine Guidance, and it was exactly what I needed to further my desire to know more of God’s will in my life. It allowed me to obtain a deeper insight into this important subject, while helping me apply principles to my daily living. A must have for the times we are living in.
- David Jesson
Country Director of South Sudan, Samaritan’s Purse
The course in Divine Guidance is a spiritually enlightening presentation of learning how to obtain divine direction in our lives. All believers will find this study not only biblically grounded, but rich in substance that, if followed, will make for wise choices that are profitable and righteous before the Lord.
— Pastor Joseph LoBello
First Baptist Church, Ambridge, Pa
I have just completed all three lessons in The School of Prayer series. WOW! What an exceptional study!! It gave me the tools to take my prayer life to a higher level. The short sessions fit into my busy schedule and the extra features really solidified the material.
- Lisa
As a person who has only a limited knowledge of the scriptures, the time spent on the Divine Guidance course was interesting and inspirational. It provided me a look into scripture that I hadn't experienced before.
— Robert Kouvolo
President of MaxPT

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