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First, let us tell you more about our Discover the Bible courses before we give you a link to view each course and its summary. We pray God will meet needs in your life through them.

Simplification Is Our Goal:

  • We have made it easier for you to learn more about God and the Bible.
  • We design our courses to fit your demanding schedule.
  • Our goal is to help you cultivate a deeper walk with Christ rather than offer a degree.
  • We provide rich, meaty, anointed courses at affordable bookstore prices.
  • Think of our online courses as buying a book as most of them can be compared to a book in both price and size - but paperless - and which you can always access.
  • We condense the material to give you the heart of the topic.
  • We do not require term papers, essays, research papers, or book reports.
  • We have eliminated the complexity, time consumption, labor intensity, and intimidation associated with taking an accredited college course.
  • Try a Free Sample Lesson and see! (It will give you a good feel for what Level 1 Basic courses are like.)

3 Levels to Choose From:

The course number is composed of three letters which represent the series name, followed by a three digit number – of which the first digit indicates the level, such as SOP 101:

Level 1

Basic Courses (100 numbered courses like SOP 101) Characterized by shorter lessons (4 to 8) and shorter time to complete a lesson (30-45 min.). (Perfect for the person who hasn’t taken a course in a while)

Level 2

Intermediate Courses (200 numbered courses like BIB 201) Characterized by a medium number of lessons (8 to 17) and a little longer time to complete a lesson (45–60 min.) The content is also a factor in determining it.

Level 3

Advanced Courses (300 numbered courses like PCL 301) Characterized by a greater number of lessons (17 +) and/or a longer time to complete a lesson (60 min. +). The content is also a factor in determining it.

Series Topics

All of our courses fall under a series topic. We have launched our website with the following series, and more series and courses will be added on an ongoing basis so please check back monthly.

Help for Tough Times

This series is designed to encourage those who are going through a difficult time in their life. It is for believers who are experiencing things like sorrow, grief, hardship, misfortune, darkness, discontent, and lack of faith and assurance.

The School of Prayer

The Christian life is meant to be a rich and exciting experience - not something dull and boring. Only a daily vibrant relationship with God can make it alive. This relationship is dependent upon communicating with your Heavenly Father through prayer. Whether you desire to begin to develop a daily prayer time, or want to improve upon the quality of the prayer life you have, you will find these courses invaluable as they can take your devotional time to a whole new level!

You will learn biblical principles in these courses that will release the supernatural power of God in answered prayer, draw you closer so that you will sense His Presence in a greater way, get to know Him better, and experience Him communicating with you and guiding you with His impressions and thoughts. Prayer is one of the few most powerful weapons we have on this planet, but unfortunately, it is generally neglected and unused. Don't let it be that way for you. A banquet of truth awaits you.

Bible Essentials

This series presents courses about Bible basics. Our goal is to provide foundational introductory information about the Bible such as where it came from, what is its message, and how to study it.

Get better acquainted with this most captivating, influential, inexhaustible, and life-changing Book that has ever been written – this awesome Love Letter from God that is given to us as an expensive gift, which speaks not only to a child but challenges the greatest intellect. It is a Book that has shaped civilizations and languages. It is a guide for everyday living, a refuge in trouble, a comfort and hope in sorrow, and a roadmap for the perilous journey of life. No wonder it continues to be the world’s most translated and circulated book!

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